Medias in Res - Definition

"Medias in res" is a latin term for when the story starts in the middle and not necessarily at the beginning. You join us here at LARK'S MEADOW FARMS in the middle of a story that began long ago and is far from its conclusion. We are learning along the way and we hope that you will come along on our journey. There is much to explore in the world of cheese!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Trailing of the Sheep

Lark's Meadow Farms will participate in the annual Trailing of the Sheep event held in Ketchum and Hailey, Idaho from October 8th to the 10th. With sheep activities galore you can learn about every aspect of sheep. Join us in this beautiful setting as we offer our cheese for sale and enjoy all the fun!

For more information about classes, performances, samplings and everything else you can imagine check out the website at

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What People Are Saying About Our Cheese

At the American Cheese Society Conference we had the pleasure of rubbing shoulders with some of the nation's greatest cheese connoisseurs. Among them was Mr. Cheese himself, Steve Jenkins. To give you a feel for Mr. Jenkins' love of cheese I will insert a biography written about him on Public Radios' website called The Splendid Table. This website features many articles by Mr. Jenkins.

How did Steve Jenkins, a Velveeta eater from Missouri, turn into this country's foremost cheesemonger? It's the age-old saga, a move to New York City seeking the bright lights of Broadway and ending up managing a cheese shop to pay the bills. Steve went on to create and revamp the cheese counters at Dean & DeLuca, the Fairway Market, Balducci's, and other celebrated fine-food shops in New York and across the country. Steve was the first American to be honored with France's prestigious Chevaliers du Taste Fromage and The American Cheese Societies, Lifetime Achievement Award. He is the author of Cheese Primer and is a frequent contributor to many national magazines, including Food & Wine and Food Arts.

For us the book Cheese Primer that Mr. Jenkins wrote has been a ready reference on our shelves that we have turned to over and over. Imagine our delight when Kendall had the opportunity to meet him in person and present him with a sample of our cheese. We know has been very direct in his evaluations with others. We knew he would give us feedback we could trust.

What was his response to Dulcinea? Read it in his own words-

"The sheep's milk cheese you gave to me is as fine a cheese as I have ever tasted. And that's a mouthful I'll wager you appreciate. Tastes and looks like something from Sardinia more than it resembles Pecorino Toscano. Nothing like it in any region of Spain or from the French side of the Pyrenees east to west, or Portugal. It rocks. It is simply as good as it gets. I am mightily impressed and you can tell anybody I said so.


So, now you don't have to take our word for it. Don't mind me while I go back for another slice.

Monday, September 6, 2010

American Cheese Society Conference in Seattle

Lark's Meadow Farms participated in this year's cheese conference in Seattle. 1400 cheeses were entered in competitions, professionals presented on a wide variety of subjects, cheesemakers from all over the world rubbed shoulders with one another and all in the lovely backdrop of Seattle. It was a delightful event with cheese around every corner.

We look forward to entering our cheese in next year's conference to be held in Montreal, Canada. If you like cheese you should start making plans to be there too!