Medias in Res - Definition

"Medias in res" is a latin term for when the story starts in the middle and not necessarily at the beginning. You join us here at LARK'S MEADOW FARMS in the middle of a story that began long ago and is far from its conclusion. We are learning along the way and we hope that you will come along on our journey. There is much to explore in the world of cheese!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cheese for Sale!

Lark's Meadow Farms officially has cheese for sale! We spent the last weekend (June 18th and 19th) at two farmers markets in Rexburg and Idaho Falls and sold way more cheese than we expected. Pictured above you can see, Kendall, our cheese maker preparing samples of the first wheels ever to be offered publicly. We are grateful for the overwhelming support and positive feedback that we have been receiving.

Our first customer is from Rexburg. She will go down in the history files of Lark's Meadow! And she is beautiful too!

The farmers markets have a wonderful atmosphere and provide a neat opportunity to meet people in the community. If you have not been to one, we definitely recommend it!

Thanks! We hope you enjoy the cheese!

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