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"Medias in res" is a latin term for when the story starts in the middle and not necessarily at the beginning. You join us here at LARK'S MEADOW FARMS in the middle of a story that began long ago and is far from its conclusion. We are learning along the way and we hope that you will come along on our journey. There is much to explore in the world of cheese!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Jackson Gets Cheese

We joined another market last week! The historic Town Square is the backdrop for Jackson Hole's delightful farmers market. Surrounded by old western style buildings and with gateway arches made completely of sun-bleached antlers, you know you have stepped into cowboy country. In Jackson they say that it is "not just a place, it is a lifestyle."

With tourists out in number, I was not the only one toting a camera around. Among the throng were people from all over the states and the world. We were excited to meet a family who officially became our most distant customers. A family of three from Korea ordered a wedge in soft spoken English and smiled shyly as we asked where they were from.

We quickly ran out of cheese as people purchased wedge after wedge and we realized that we will need to be more prepared in the future. It was also thrilling to cut open a wheel of cheese to discover another treasure. The much sought after crystals that are sometimes found in cheese when the lactic acids crystalize were waiting there to tickle our taste buds. These slightly crunchy little deposits of flavor are so delicious that we got a little distracted as we sampled the wheel with great excitement.

We are grateful to all those of you who have supported us and given us meaningful feedback. We look forward to visiting Jackson more often!

1 comment:

  1. I buy your cheese at the Wednesday Farmers Market in Jackson. So good! Thank you for enriching the Teton region with your local cheese! We will continue to support you at Pearl Street Meat and Fish.
    Thanks again!
    Doug Halsey
    Jackson, WY