Medias in Res - Definition

"Medias in res" is a latin term for when the story starts in the middle and not necessarily at the beginning. You join us here at LARK'S MEADOW FARMS in the middle of a story that began long ago and is far from its conclusion. We are learning along the way and we hope that you will come along on our journey. There is much to explore in the world of cheese!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Greener Pastures

This season's first day out on pasture has come! Slight cloud coverage today did not seem to bother the sheep in the least. While we were hoping for a little more sunshine, they were gleefully exploring every corner of the pasture. With their noses happily buried in the new green foliage they chowed down on the tender green growth. Watching a sheep's mouth move while it eats is truly a site to behold. The speed at which they are able to chomp down on things is really quite something and their mouths were really moving today.

Once they had filled up, they settled down and napped contentedly. With the new food will come new flavors in the milk and of course delicious nuances in the cheese. And speaking of cheese, there is going to be a whole lot more than there was last year. With milk coming out our ears there are daily makes. Out in the creamery there has been a lot of learning, a dash of experimenting, a smidge of tweaking and a sprinkle of well... mistakes. The result is that our cheese is getting better all the time and some new cheeses will be available soon. Some of those stories will be coming up soon.

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