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"Medias in res" is a latin term for when the story starts in the middle and not necessarily at the beginning. You join us here at LARK'S MEADOW FARMS in the middle of a story that began long ago and is far from its conclusion. We are learning along the way and we hope that you will come along on our journey. There is much to explore in the world of cheese!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How low can you go?

We have been counting our many blessings with this mild winter. I have continuously been bracing myself for worse weather and it has continued not to come. We have been able to get a lot done, but last week when we got some real snow the girls and I couldn't resist. We bundled up and headed outside to discover perfect snow for a snowman. With my two cheerleaders looking on in confusion and then amazement, I launched into a one woman mission to make a good sized snowman. The girls, not having had this experience before seemed to think that I had gone mad, but then they got excited when they started to understand that it was like the song.
Ginny started humming along and then chanting the words "snowman, snowman" and then mumbling off into more humming. Apparently the rest of the verse had eluded her.

With Dad's help I lifted the second piece on and then the head. There he was, quite large in stature and impressive. The girls, however, were losing their enthusiasm. So, I hastily added some branches for arms and headed inside to snuggle by the fire, thinking that we would finish our masterpiece the next day when the girls would have renewed interest in being outside. I had not taken into account the unfortunate position that I had left the snowman in. The storm quickly passed and sunny days abounded. Day after day he faced direct assault from glittering and brilliant sunlight. Ginny soon figured out the other part of the verse "melting, melting, small small small."

Not only was he melting, but he was leaning. It started to catch peoples' interest. How long would he last? I was tempted to dress him like he was doing the Limbo, complete with one of Kendall's Aloha shirts, but I didn't dare to touch him.

He kept getting lower and lower....
I predicted that we would not fall, but melt at a rate that he would shrink down until he was gone. Alas the elements were against him and a night of rainstorms finally led to his demise.

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